Domestic violence offenders to be GPS tracked


Real-time monitoring of domestic violence perpetrators is set to begin in South Australia as part of a three-year trial.

The Corrections Department is preparing to begin monitoring 90 domestic violence offenders who will be fitted with GPS ankle bracelets, funded through a federal grant of about $500,000.

Authorities will set the devices with no-go zones, which the offenders cannot enter.

Data recorded from the bracelet about breaches will be used in court prosecutions.

Corrections Minister Peter Malinauskas said the state was already using GPS tracking for people on bail or released on parole.

"The technology has come a long way over recent years and already we have got this in place in South Australia, so to be able to expand this for domestic violence offenders potentially could dramatically improve the safety of those people that have been victims in the past," he said.

"This could be an incredibly powerful tool in preventing domestic violence.

"We know domestic violence offenders are often repeat offenders, we know they often target specific victims ... members of their family, so to be able to monitor their movements could be a really positive step in the right direction to be able to protect those people that need protection the most."


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