Benefits of Tracking & Fleet Management

Our tracking devices and software system allows live tracking of any asset and fleet 24/7. We are known for our creative ingenuity with installments in the most challenging assets, quality products, reliable accurate software and excellent customer service. There are endless benefits to tracking your assets and/or incorporating a fleet management system into your business. Benefits include, vehicle performance and maintenance, driver’s performance, but also facilitates fuel management, dispatching, sends alerts and notifications, security and theft prevention, assists in vehicle recovery if stolen and provides customised reports. 


Authorise and analyse employee and vehicle productivity. Use vehicles more efficiently to reduce overtime. Track and ensure scheduled vehicle maintenance to avoid breakdowns and out of commission vehicles. Monitor employee start, finish and break times. Optimise driver routes to enable more job time and less travel.

Job Dispatch & Management

Dispatch decisions can be made quickly and accurately by easily identifying your vehicles and drivers. The ability to delegate jobs to the closest drivers ensures efficiency and active employees. Management of jobs has never been easier with visible locations from any device, and customised reports tailored to your requirements.


Fuel is a large expense to the majority of our clients. With our tracking and software is it easily managed and reduced. Eliminate unnecessary idling and inappropriate fuel card use. Monitor driver behaviour such as vehicle use out of work hours, vehicle mileage and routes more efficiently.

Asset Security

Asset tracking for security is a game changer. Protect your assets from theft knowing where your vehicle is 24/7 in real time. Receive movement alerts as soon as the vehicle is turned on. Set up GEO fences, marking out areas on the map and receiving alerts every time the asset enters and leaves that area. Tracking your vehicle for security is by far the most effective security. Easily locate your asset by looking at your cell phone.


Improve your customer service and satisfaction. Our software allows you to respond to jobs faster, prepare customised reports and be more flexible with scheduling. Decision making and organisation is made easy providing a more professional, productive and efficient service.

Vehicle Tracking

Our customised and technologically advanced live GPS tracking devices ensure security, safety and peace of mind 24/7. Our client base is broad and diverse in their needs and will attest to the quality and reliability of MacTrack products. Our range of products are suitable for personal assets through to large industry fleets.  

Movement Alerts

Receive movement alerts as soon as any tracked vehicle is turned on or moves. This allows you to monitor staff and instantly view your assets location. The movement alert feature is particularly effective as a form of security and protection against theft and vehicle recovery. Instantly know when your vehicles ignition is on and track its movements.

Workforce Safety

Track, monitor and manage asset movement and driver behaviour in real time. 24/7 access to both vehicle and driver performance. Collate customised reports on drivers including speeding and harsh braking. Our software allows managers and drivers to increase vehicle safety and reduce accidents.