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About MacTrack

MacTrack specialises in tracking solutions for a variety of industries. We have a range of live GPS-tracking equipment that is suitable for any application and can be customised to suit your needs. The current range can fit just about anything from plant equipment, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), utility vehicles, and marine vehicles.


Our cloud application allows you to view your fleet and run reports and from anywhere in the world on any latest web browser or mobile device. With the latest technology used you can be sure that your fleet management needs are met by our services.

Our Products

Check out our range of products for all your tracking needs. MacTrack have a variety of hardware and software combinations to help with all of your GPS tracking needs.

We also have Time and Attendance units that are designed specifically to collate and provide data to help manage your payroll and limit you administration paperwork.

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Mactrack's cloud environment is the latest technology and is the most efficient and cost effective way to monitor your fleet.  Additional servers and data security are no longer required!

Our environment is scalable which means we are with you every step of the way in the development or movement of your business or personal needs.


The device can be used to create a virtual fence and notify you when your asset enters or leaves a preset area (Geofence).

Advanced Features and Customisation

Advanced features such as user management and customisation can be provided as a separate application to your cloud environment.


To discuss your needs and pricing, please call or email for a free quote.


  • Reduce your drivers overtime and increase driver productivity

  • Reduce your insurance costs

  • Fleet management & monitoring help reduce idle times and mileage

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing on-time deliveries and proper ETA’s by tracking your vehicles in real-time

  • Improve record keeping will reduce paperwork by utilising the report options

  • Playback options can provide a visualisation of the drivers’ route, thus allowing you to analyse the best route to reduce cost structures in wasted mileage, and improve on-time deliveries.

  • Provide efficient vehicle dispatching by knowing the location of all your vehicles

  • Receive automatic notifications of violations (speeding, off-hour operations, zone or region violations, emergencies, engine revving thresholds, etc.)

MacTrack Hire

MacTrack now offer a hiring service for our GPS trackers. Devices are now available for short term and long term hire. This service is beneficial for expensive assets that need tracked during transportation. Know where your asset is at all times with our live tracking app.

Our App

Available for IOS and Android Users.Easily locate an asset with the MacTrack App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid.